Don't Talk About It!

A podcast about the role of religion in society, politics and culture in the 21st century.


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In 2017 Zoe noticed that there was something lacking in public conversations about religion - religious people.

Zoe found that many of her peers that had not grown up in religious families and had not pursued religious studies at university were unaware of the complexities of religion. While many of her peers were keen to discuss the threat of global jihadism, many of them struggled to explain more basic concepts, such as the meaning of 'sharia', why Jews celebrate Passover or the difference between Catholics and Protestants. 

Determined to change the conversation, Zoe created 'Don't Talk About It!' to start a discussion about what it really means to be religious in the 21st century and the role religion plays in modern society.

Based in Canberra, Australia, Woroni Radio's 'Don't Talk About It!' seeks to engage with the local religious and academic community to answer the questions we're all too afraid to ask.